Managing Obesity In Children

Obesity“Children Obesity” is becoming an increasing concern amongst today’s parents. As our life styles change, we must carefully monitor the effects these changes have on the physical and mental health of our children.

  • Obesity is a condition of excess weight. Research already shows a growing incidence of problems like diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, asthma and orthopaedic problems at an increasingly younger age because of obesity.

  • These are many reasons for obesity in children. These can range from family history, growing consumption of junk food and empty calories, lack of physical exercise, etc.

  • To counter the negative effects of the age we live in, where riding in a car substitutes walking and the main entertainment is TV, let us take a few positive measures which can result in great benefit to our children’s health.

  • Avoid force feeding your child just because you are worried that she is not eating enough or because you want to demonstrate your love by pampering her.

  • Make regular meals a habit. Make these meals both nutritious and delicious. If your child asks for snacks then don’t give her empty calories. For example, instead of potato chips, you could giver her carrot sticks to munch on.

  • Most children love eating out or gorging on junk food. If you cannot avoid it entirely, then try to restrict it to not more than once a week. Better still, make it at home. Homemade lemonade and vegetable pizza is much healthier than a cola and burger from outside.

  • Ensure that your child gets enough physical exercise. Get her involved in games and sports both at school and at home. Take her for a walk or go cycling with her and make it a fun family activity.

  • Make sure that her TV and computer time or video game playing is well within healthy limits.

More than anything else, being a good role model is important. Make healthy eating and exercise a routine for the entire family. This will educate your child on the benefits of a balanced diet and a good physical routine and will ensure that she stays healthy for life.

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