Listen to Child

Listen To ChildThe extent to which we know and understand our  child reflects our parenting skills. To develop a good rapport with our child, we must not only hear what he says but listen to him and understand his needs.

  • Be approachable. The child should not feel that you’re trying to brush him off when he approaches you. If tired, angry or in a bad mood, never take it out on the child. Try to calm yourself and put a smile on your face.

  • Encourage him. Loving gestures like holding the child’s hand, putting an arm around his shoulder or making him sit on your lap encourage the child to speak.

  • Be patient. If the child is inarticulate, give him ample time to express himself clearly.

  • Be attentive. While the child is speaking, give him your full attention. Don’t be distracted. If you are in the middle of a task, put it aside temporarily. In case the task is urgent tell the child of the urgency and be sure to give him time afterwards.

  • Hear him out. Let the child finish speaking before replying. Let him talk uninterrupted lest he forget what he was saying.

  • If you fail to grasp anything, gently question the child once he has finished speaking. Never get irritated if the child is incoherent.

With time, patience and abiding affection you will be able to understand and respond to yours child’s needs better.

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