Woman InsomniaSleeplessness is a common complaint during pregnancy all through the three trimesters. The problem becomes quite acute in some people during the third trimester due to a variety of reasons – urinary infection, heartburn, backache or increased foetal movement. Since popping a pill is a big taboo during pregnancy, here are some tips to deal with the problem. Insomnia is usually a symptom associated with some problem. So, treating that problem can help eliminate it.

Did you know that the food you eat may have a bearing on how well you sleep. Well, there is a strong corelation between the two.

  • Many foods contain chemicals that can alter the balance of neurotransmitters (nerves that carry messages) in your brain. If you have food which stimulates transmitters that induce a sense of calm and drowsiness and avoid those that perk you up, you could treat insomnia. A meal or a snack, that does not have proteins and is high in carbohydrates, can induce sleep. Try a piece of bread with jam or honey.

  • Deficiency of calcium and vitamin B complex can also affect sleep. Have lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and sprouts since there is nothing that can substitute an overall healthy diet to promote good sleep.

  • Warm milk also helps some people to sleep, perhaps because of the presence of casomorphins, a natural opiate, in it.

  • Avoid very heavy meals close to bedtime.

  • Avoid Chinese food, which contains ajinomoto, as it will make you feel thirsty throughout the night, thus making sleep difficult.

  • A lot of women develop insomnia during the third trimester which is largely caused by labour anxiety and physical discomfort. Even for a woman who is normally organised and energetic, adapting to the demands of the sheer volume of things to be tackled can be quite taxing. It is a trying time for all women and sleep gets affected in the process. Emotional support can work as an effective sleep aid.
  • Avoid trying to sleep when you are extremely excited or worried. Try to make the time before going to bed as relaxing as possible.

  • A warm bath or a gentle massage also helps. Rub a little almond oil on the temple. Sometimes, it works wonders.

  • Avoid exhausting yourself. That can also cause sleeplessness.

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