Frequent Visits To The Loo

Suman has been named the most toilet-friendly person at home because she visits the loo so often. She is into her third month of pregnancy. And whenever she is out of home, she is constantly looking for a toilet everywhere.

Suman’s is a very common problem in pregnancy. In the early stages, the foetus releases certain hormones, which stimulate the muscular wall of the urinary bladder. This results in an urge to pass urine a little too often.

As the pregnancy advances, the pressure of the growing uterus increases on the bladder, making you rush to the loo often. Besides, your kidneys also produce more urine during pregnancy. The blood flow into the kidneys increases by about 50 percent, thus filtering more water out of the blood than otherwise.

During pregnancy, a lot of urine collects in the ureter (connecting tube between kidney and the bladder) and the bladder, leading to infections. This problem almost disappears during the second trimester as the uterus moves up, only to come back again during the later stages when the head of the foetus tries to fix itself into the pelvis.

What to do

Take lots of fluids to avoid urinary infection. Drink plenty of water, juice and eat water-based fruits during the day. If your lower abdomen pains or you feel a burning sensation while passing urine, see your doctor immediately.

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