Don’t Transfer Your Anxieties About School Interviews On To Children

When it comes to getting children admitted to formal schools, most parents take it very seriously. Rightly so, because the school in which the child will study for the next 14 years will play a very important role in defining the child’s personality and life-path. No wonder, we feel anxious about how our child will perform in the interview.

  • Sometimes, without meaning to do so, we transfer this anxiety to the child with our words and actions. This simply makes the child unnecessarily tense and conscious.

  • Children perform best in a natural unpressured atmosphere. Our anxiety can cause them to become panicky, with-draw into themselves, refuse to answer, insist on clinging to the parents, etc.

  • By paying attention to a few simple things, we can ensure that out tension does not get transferred to the child and she remains natural, cheerful and performs to the best of her ability in the interview.

  • Talk to your child enthusiastically about the big school, her admission and positive aspects in an interesting and friendly manner. Mention that she must give an interview so that she becomes aware and mentally prepared for it. But don’t panic the child by lying too much stress on it.

  • On the day itself, don’t give out anxiety signals by forcing her to wear clothes she doesn’t like or forcing her to it or drink. Be normal.

  • When you reach the venue, make her feel comfortable by talking and playing with her. Don’t try to teach her new things at the last minute and don’t prompt her to answer again and again. This is just your tension reacting. Most importantly, parents must never fight or argue in front of the child at this time, as this will only make her tense and anxious, creating panic in her mind.

Remember, children are extremely sensitive to their parents’ feeling and can reflect your emotions almost like a mirror. Even the small signals of anxiety that you send out can make your child very tense and worried. But by appearing calm and normal, you can ensure that your child remains natural and unpressured, and thereby performs her best.

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