Develop Your Child’s Creativity

Child CreativityEvery child has  some creative potential which needs to be fulfilled. It only needs a free rein for the child to express it properly. Moreover, a child’s mind is extremely sensitive to his environment and all kinds of influences help give shape to his creative impulse.

  • To help nurture your child’s creativity, you needs to provide opportunities as well as an environment where the child’s latent talent can find expression and blossom.

  • Leave it the child to choose the medium for expressing his creativity-be it poetry, painting, music, sculptures, etc. All you need to do is to introduce the child to these different media and provide the necessary accompaniments like colors, brushes, instruments, etc.

  • Never try to chart out a course for your child which you want him to follow. Let the child decide how far he wants to pursue his interests. Give counsel only when required.

  • Appreciate every effort of the child and laud his achievements irrespective of their artistic merit.

  • Avoid falling into the trap of over expectation. It will only result in disappointment and frustration if the child falls short of your expectations. Further, your disappointment might get transferred to the child which can sap his self-confidence and creativity.

  • Understand that not every child is a genius or exceptionally talented. Hence, pushing the child to keep raising his performance higher and higher, is impractical.

Only through love, appreciation, constant encouragement and unconditional support you can develop your child’s creativity to the optimum.

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