Acronyms and Abbreviations

Business and Finance Acronyms

Alphabetical Listing of Business and Finance Acronyms ADC — Association of District Councils ADR — American Depository Receipt AEF — Aggregate External Finance AIG — American International Group AIR — Assumed Interest Rate ALACE — Association of Local Authority Chief Executives AME — Annually Managed Expenditure AMEX — American Express (credit Card) APR — Annual Percentage Rate ARM — Adjustable …

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Atmospheric Research Center Acronyms

Alphabetical Listing of Atmospheric Research Center Acronyms (A3) — Armor/anti-armor (AA3) — Accident Analysis Computer Program (C3) — Command (C4) — Center For Clouds (ES) — Sporadic E 3CPO — Cloud Chemistry And Cloud Physics Organization 4DDD — Four-Dimensional Data Assimilation A&C — Abatement & Control A&R — Air And Radiation A/C — Aircraft A/C — Air Conditioning A/D — …

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Astronomy Acronyms

Alphabetical Listing of Astronomy Acronyms A&A — Astronomy And Astrophysics AACS — Attitude And Articulation Control Subsystem AAO — Anglo-Australian Observatory AAS — American Astronomical Society AAS — American Astronautical Society AAVSO — American Association of Variable Star Observers AC — Atlas Centaur ACE — Advanced Composition Explorer ACF — Automated Control Function ACR — Active Cavity Radiometer ACRIM — …

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