MirabaiMirabai was very saintly character of India. She was born in 1503 in the royal family of Mewar. When she was a child, she was watching a marriage procession from the balcony of her palace.

She innocently asked her mother who her husband was. The queen pointed to a statue of Lord Krishna to humor her child.

From then on, Mirabai began to worship Lord Krishna very sincerely. She considered only him to be her husband.

She was married to the Rana of Mewar, Even there Mira continued her worship of Krishna. The Rana began to feel neglected.

Mirabai used to sing and dance in front of the idol of Krishna in temples. The people of Mewar loved her and would join her in her worship. She became famous all over the region for this.

The royal family of Mewar considered this to be a great shame and tried to poison her. Mira drank the poison uttering Krishna’s name. By a miracle, shre remained unharmed.

She was thrown out of the palace and kept in a small house. Mirabai faced many more hardships. But she was lost in the thoughts of her Lord and did not bother about anything else.

She sang many verses in His praise. Her bhajans are sung everywhere even today. She finally died and merged into Lord Krishna in the year 1546.

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