Jatin Das

Jatin DasJatin Das was an Indian painter and sculptor. Jatin Das was born in December 1941 in Mayurbhanj, Orissa, India. He studied at the Sir JJ School of Art, Bombay, under Professor S.B. Palsikar. His term at the school lasted for a period of five years, from 1957 to 1962. Thereafter, he started participating in the art exhibitions, both at the national as well as the international level. Some important exhibitions where he participated include the Biennales in Paris (1971), and in Venice (1978) and the Documenta in Kessel (1975).

He is father of Bollywood Actress Nandita Das.

Jatin Das has been painting for 50 years. He has held over 55 one-man exhibitions in India and abroad and has participated in numerous national and international shows and artist camps. He has also done several murals and sculpture installations. He works in oil, watercolour, ink, graphics and conté. His works now feature in several public and private collections in India and abroad. Jatin has built a large personal collection of traditional arts and crafts over the last 35 years. His works have been auctioned by major international auctioneers like Sotheby’s, Christie’s and Osian’s.

In addition to being a professional artist, Jatin Das has extensively lectured at innumerable art and architectural colleges and museums, both in India and abroad on contemporary and traditional art forms. Jatin Das is also an advisor to many government and private bodies. He is the settler and founder chairman of the JD Centre of Art, which is being built in his home state, Orissa. He is the only artist who has taken up a project of this kind. Several of Jatin Das’s works have been donated to charity in India and abroad. He has very actively led the relief and rehabilitation work of a village in Orissa, affected by the super-cyclone of 1999.

In 1997 a trust was registered with Jatin Das as its founder, settler and chairman for the creation of the JD Centre of Art, Bhubaneshwar, Orissa, designed by BV Doshi, an eminent architect. It is a private non-commercial institution that will celebrate the whole range of traditional and contemporary visual and plastic arts.

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