Frederic Ogden Nash

Frederic Ogden Nash was an American poet best known for writing pithy and funny light verse. At the time of his death in 1971, the New York Times said his ‘droll verse with its unconventional rhymes made him the country’s best-known producer of humorous poetry?.

Nash’s first job in New York was as a writer of the streetcar card ads for a company. He loved to rhyme. “I think in terms of rhyme…and have since I was six years old,” he professed. He had a fondness for crafting his own words whenever rhyming words did not exist. The US Postal Service released a stamp featuring Ogden Nash and six of his poems on the centennial of his birth on 19 August 2002. The six poems are The Turtle, The Cow, Crossing The Border, The Kitten, The Camel and Lime rick One. It was the first stamp in the history of the USPS to include the word ‘sex’, although as a synonym for gender.

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