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Geography Quiz

Geography Quiz – Geography, environment & general science related quiz for kids… The Earth is an amazing planet, with vast oceans, high mountains, deep lakes, and dry deserts. Take a spin around the globe and see how many of these geography facts you can ace!

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William Faulkner

William Faulkner — William Cuthbert Falkner was born in New Albany, Mississippi, he was the oldest son of Murry Cuthbert Falkner and Maud Butler. He later changed the spelling of his name to Faulkner. His brothers were Murry Charles “Jack” Falkner, author John Falkner (later Faulkner) and Dean Swift Falkner. Faulkner was raised in and heavily influenced by the state …

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Who first traced the route of the Mississippi River?

The Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto was, in 1541, the first white man to see the Mississippi, but it was not until June 1673 that two Frenchmen, Louis Jolliet and Jacques Marquette, actually explored the river in canoes. They travelled far enough south to prove that it emptied into the Gulf of Mexico and could not, therefore, be the hoped-for …

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What is a boomburb?

A boomburb is a booming suburb or satellite townships dreamt up by developers. It gives an idea of wealth, a boom. Boomburg is a similar term. These suburbs are usually not complete towns – though they are self-sufficient. Learn More Boomburb is a neologism for a large, rapidly growing city that remains essentially suburban in character even as it reaches …

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Alabama, one of the southern states of the United States, is largely rectangular in shape and is landlocked except for a short coastline along the Gulf of Mexico. It is bordered by Tennessee on the north, by Georgia on the east, by the Florida panhandle on the south, and by Mississippi on the west. The state was visited by Spaniards …

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Sidewinder — Crotalus (Sidewinder) cerastes is a venomous pitviper species found in the desert regions of the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico. Three subspecies are currently recognized, including the typical form described here. A small species, with adult specimens measuring between 43 cm and 76 cm in length. According to Campbell and Lamar (2004), most adults are 50-80 cm …

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