Why The Ostrich Hides Its Head

OstrichThere’s a tale about the ostrich,
Have you ever heard it said,
That when it sense danger
It just runs and hides its head?
The reason that it hurries
To hide away its face,
Is that the ostrich always feels,
In permanent disgrace.
Now, when Noah built the Ark
In those far off days of old,
He took ostriches on board
But he had not been told
That they eat almost anything
Their greedy eyes can see,
And one of them just gobbled up
The Ark’s big iron key!
Well, Noah was very angry
When he knew what it had done,
And made it chew the lock
Until the door became undone.
The others called him greedy,
“What a stupid trick,” they said.
And that’s the first time ever
That an ostrich hid its head!

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