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Putting Your Baby To Sleep

Sleeping ProblemSome babies sleep for long stretches of time and others may snooze through the twenty-four hours, and some seem to prefer sleeping through the day rather than night. Generally most sleep after being fed. During first three to six months’ parents have to adjust their own sleeping habits to the baby’s.

Tips to Make Your Baby Sleep Comfortably

  • Sometimes baby needs a little time to cry or fuss before sleeping. You will soon come to know if the crying means something serous. The first thought that comes to your mind is the baby’s comfort. Position the baby on a side or back first.

  • It is not necessary or practical to try to live in a silent house. If you maintain a reasonable level of noise, the baby will become habitual to it. You can even play radio softly out side the baby’s room. If the baby wakes with the phone ring run down the ringer volume or put heavy phone mat or potholder to muffle the sound.

  • Try to establish a sleeping routine from the beginning especially if you’ll be travelling or expecting the baby to sleep in different places. Always sing the same lullaby at the bedtime or rub a special spot, perhaps the backs of the head or the forehead, at sleep time only.

  • Putting Your Baby To SleepLet the baby sleep upright occasionally, if comfortable, using an infant seat or carrying the bay in a soft fabric front carrier.

  • Slip a hot water bottle on to the sheet when you pick the baby up for a feeding, so the bed will be warm when you return the baby to it.

  • Rock and read your infant to sleep. The sound of your voice reading aloud a book or a magazine of interest to you is still soothing.

  • Tape-record the sound of a running dishwasher, a running shower or water filling the tub and play it back to lull a child to sleep. The sound of running water simulates intrauterine sounds. Taping the baby’s own cries have also been known to work. Or you can play an electronic toy or teddy bear that duplicates intrauterine sounds.

  • Put the baby down when drowsy to learn to drift off to sleep without any help from you.

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