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Grandparents: A Unique Bond of Love

GrandparentsGrandparents play a unique role in children’s life. They not only provide unconditional love but also symbolize the continuity and stability that are so important for a child.

  • Grand-parents play a vital role in establishing the child’s basic mind set, beliefs and cultural ideas. They are the roots of the tree of life on which the child gleams like the fruit.

  • Most grandparents have retired from practical responsibilities. As such, they have plenty of time to spend with the child, playing and sharing thoughts, loving and being loved in return.

  • Kids love stories and this demand is happily fulfilled by adoring grandparents who often gently drive home the moral of the story in the child’s mind. This lays the foundation of ethics for the child.

  • Grandparents are also great repositories of our epics and puranas. By sharing this with their little audience, they make the child familiar with the great cultural traditions and heritage of India.

  • Grandparents love sharing their life and past experiences with grandchildren. Children even get to know about the childhood of their mother and father through grandparents. This builds a sense of continuity in the child’s mind.

  • In the rushed urban life of today, often it is the grandparents who are able to shower the child with continuous encouragement and undivided attention, allowing their self esteem and sense of self worth to bloom and expand.

  • With the grandparent’s loving and vigilant eye on the little ones, parents can rest assured about the absolute security and safety of the children.

Grandparents and grandchildren share a precious bond. This is one relationship where there are no pressures to perform, no expectations to fulfill. There is only warmth and love and sharing.

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