Delhi Yoga Teacher – Ankit Garg

Delhi Yoga Teacher: Corporate Yoga Expert Ankit Garg

YOGA EXP: 10 Years
EXPERTISE: Astanga Yoga, Corporate Yoga, Prenatal, Kundalini



Hello Everybody! I am Ankit and I believe you have to, “Wake up every day like you are on a mission.” Because I do, and my mission is to bring out the best in my students both physically and mentally. I have an expertise in mat-based workouts focusing on core strength and conditioning with customized warm-up /yoga exercises. I am the initiator of the PYP program – a union of Psychology, Yoga & Philosophy to generate maximum result. The results include – development of strong/lean bodies, amazing abs, and core strength; improved flexibility and posture; improved muscle definition; feeling energized; decrease in stress levels; prevention of injury; and alleviation of back pain. I focus on asanas like Trikonasana – 1, Padahastasana, Sasangasana, Sarvangasana, Matsyasana and Ushtrasana. I am a Gold Medallist at the District level and also a silver Medallist at the state level. I am fluent in Hindi and English, hence there will not be a language barrier between us. My classes are extremely effective and easy to follow. So here is I, welcoming you to join my mission.


Trikonasana – 1, Padahastasana, Sasangasana, Sarvangasana, Matsyasana, Ushtrasana


Gold Medalist at the District level, Silver Medalist at the state level

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