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Informative Videos For Kids

Tribute To The Unsung Heroes Who Are The Real Reason Behind Our Happy Diwali

 It’s that time of the year when the air is redolent with the spirit of festivities. People are decorating their houses in a thousand creative ways, indulging in some last minute gift shopping, and eagerly waiting for the Diwali holidays to begin. While we are busy deciding what to wear and whom to visit, seldom do we realise that while we are blissfully celebrating the festivities there are a bunch of unsung heroes who make all this possible. These are those people who selflessly continue to work to ensure that our fun is unhindered and uninterrupted. These heroes don’t get a day off to celebrate but are ironically an integral part of everybody else’s celebration. The safai karamchari who clears up the Diwali mess early in the morning is a hero we should celebrate. Or the firefighters for whom Diwali is the busiest day of the year. And we can’t forget the vigilant policemen who hold fort and keep an eye on every trivial thing so that your Diwali goes on peacefully. If you look further into your own neighbourhood, you will find other Diwali Heroes who work hard to ensure we have a ‘Happy Diwali.’

Therefore, Snapdeal decided to pay tribute to these Diwali Heroes through a beautiful initiative. Don’t forget to wish your unsung hero a Happy Diwali. #CelebrateDiwaliHeroes – Send them a happiness box and make their Diwali special with Snapdeal.

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