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Who was William Morris?

William Morris was an eminent Victorian, born in 1834. He had a many-sided career as poet, artist, manufacturer and socialist. At Oxford he began a life-long friendship with Edward Burne-Jones, the painter and designer, who subsequently introduced him to Dante Gabriel Rossetti, the poet and painter, and a leader of the Pre-Raphaelites. At one time Morris intended to enter the …

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An Expanding Workbox

An Expanding Workbox You will see from the two illustrations that this handsome expanding workbox is well worth making. It is both practical and artistic and will certainly make a handsome piece of decorative furniture for the dining room table. It is sufficiently large to contain all cottons, needles, materials, wools, knitting needles, etc. in fact, everything that has to …

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What are the main kinds of wood?

The vast coniferous forests in the northern hemisphere contain evergreen trees, including cedars, firs, larches, pines and spruces. They are all called softwoods, though some are quite hard. But most are easy to work and have many uses, including the making of paper. Deciduous, or broadleaved, trees grow in temperate lands. They include ash, beech, birch, chestnut, oak, sycamore and …

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