Bhavai: 2021 Bollywood Drama Film

Bhavai: 2021 Bollywood Drama Film

Movie Name: Bhavai
Directed by: Hardik Gajjar
Starring: Pratik Gandhi, Aindrita Ray, Flora Saini, Abhimanyu Singh, Rajesh Sharma, Ankur Vikal, Rajendra Gupta, Bhagyashree Mote, Anil Rastogi, Ankur Bhatia, Gopal Singh
Genre: Drama
Release Date: 01 October, 2021
Running Time: 114 Minutes

Religion and Culture have blindfolded the society in such a way that one doesn’t want to question and neither does the curiosity to question or interrogate arise. If one is impaired at the sight towards their way of living, It results into a lifestyle full of deception and dishonesty; not only that the deception and denial towards life hampers the stability and growth of the people in society It promotes alarming rise in double standards too. Our story highlights the above issue in an unique and a beautiful way, that is unravels the double standards of the society, that is living a substandard life. It’s about Ram-Leela that is taking place for the first time in Khaakhar village. The story is about the dream of Raja ram and its impact on the society. Raja-Ram an enthusiast by nature had only one dream of becoming an actor since his childhood being a small village resident, he was deprived by that chance to be one and his dream couldn’t get wings to fly high till date. This story comes to a standstill to make people think and differentiate the gap between a real and reel life due to their blind faith and mental blocks, their fake religious beliefs were affecting their thoughts and actions against the couple. The real struggle had started now. Will the duo be able to survive these obstacles or become a victim and succumb to the blind beliefs of society, this statement arises a big debatable question … that who is the real culprit the real Ravana Raja-Ram or We “The Society”?

Bhavai is an upcoming Indian Hindi-language romance film written and directed by Hardik Gajjar and produced by Dhaval Jayantilal Gada, Aksshay Jayantilal Gada, Parth Gajjar, Richa Amod Sachan and Hardik Gajjar. Produced under the banners of Hardik Gajjar Films, Backbencher Pictures and bankrolled by Jayantilal Gada, the film features Pratik Gandhi and Aindrita Ray in the lead roles. The film is scheduled to be released theatrically on 1 October 2021 to coincide with Gandhi Jayanti holidays.

Bhavai, also known as Vesha or Swang, is a popular folk theatre form of western India, especially in Gujarat.

The film is set against the backdrop of folk art form Bhavai. Basically a dramatic entertainer, it tells the story of two lovers in the village of Khakhar, where they are portraying two characters in Ramlila.

The film was shot in the Rann of Kutch in June 2018. Initially titled as ‘Ravaan Leela’, the title was changed to Bhavai in September 2021.

The film which was previously titled as ‘Raavan Leela’ has now been titled as Bhavai, is scheduled to be theatrically released on 1 October 2021 to coincide with Gandhi Jayanti holidays.

The soundtrack of the film was composed and lyrics written by Shabbir Ahmed.

Ravan Leela Movie Trailer:

Ravan Leela Movie Review:

Pratik Gandhi is the force that drives the film even when the journey becomes dull, with his intangible charm that captures even the unarticulated portions of the script

The uplifting story of Ram, Seeta and Ravan continues to inspire filmmakers. Some go by the text; others look for the subtext. No what if the textbook characters, while playing their parts, start subverting the epic?

Bhavai, named after the traditional folk theatre popular in western India, exists in that disturbing space. In news for the controversy over its original title Ravan Leela, the film doesn’t aim to indulge those who love to debate the plurality of the epic. Instead, it seeks to address the faithful and check their unstinted devotion to the monochromatic depiction of the lord and the demon. Being set in a non-descript village in Gujarat, where there is no mobile network, it provides a fertile ground for the exercise. Like many villages in north India, the audience watching the Ramleela in Khakhar village can’t differentiate between the characters and the men playing them on the stage. They are mounted in such a way, that Ram can’t be questioned and Ravan can’t be justified. Once actor Arun Govil told this writer, when he was playing Ram in Ramanand Sagar’s series, he had to give up drinking wine in public.

What if Ravan is essayed by an actor who could persuade villagers into believing in his transgressions? What if he is more than just a cardboard that is set afire, year after year? What if a politician starts using the innocuous Ramleela for his political agenda…. Bhavai appears benign on the surface, but the narrative carries lot of volatile undercurrents, which writer-director Hardik Gajjar hasn’t milked enough.

Gajjar has cut his teeth on mythological dramas on television. Its influence plus censorship, self or otherwise, robs the storytelling of some of its sharpness and reduces a potent idea to an average fare.

Pratik Gandhi as Raja Ram, a wannabe actor who gets to play Ravan because of circumstances, is the force that drives the film even when the journey becomes dull. Gandhi has that intangible charm that captures the unarticulated portions of the script.

Aindrita Ray as Rani / Seeta falls short in this aspect, as she renders a rehearsed performance. The crucial romantic interludes, despite being laced with hummable songs, fail to make hearts skip a beat.

However, the passage where their off-stage conversations start spilling into their on-stage dialogues, evoke interest.

Rajendra Gupta shines as the father of Raja Ram. His interaction with Ram on the role of society in shaping the actions of even the Lord spells out the motivation of characters.

Rajesh Sharma, Ankur Vikal and Abhimanyu Singh lend able support. In fact, the best moments are those when we see the Gods as ordinary beings struggling with giving long hours of darshan (audience) to the devoted public or when their arrows go off target during practice sessions.

It has colour and the climax in not a cop-out, but all along Bhavai tastes like a Gujarati meal – mild!

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Movie Songs:

Song Title: Ishq Fitoori
Singer(s): Mohit Chauhan
Lyrics & Composer: Shabbir Ahmed

Song Title: Kahe Muskay Re
Singer(s): Shreya Ghoshal
Lyrics & Composer: Shabbir Ahmed

Song Title: Bansuri
Singer(s): Aaman Trikha, Swati Sharma, Karsan Sargathiya, Ikka
Lyrics & Composer: Shabbir Ahmed

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