Babloo Bachelor: 2021 Bollywood Rom-Com Film

Babloo Bachelor: 2021 Bollywood Rom-Com Film

Movie Name: Babloo Bachelor
Directed by: Agnidev Chatterjee
Starring: Sharman Joshi, Pooja Chopra, Tejashri Pradhan, Rajesh Sharma, Kamblinu Cretaceous, Mahesh Chandra Deva
Genre: ComedyDrama
Release Date: 22 October, 2021
Running Time: 130 minutes

Babloo Bachelor is an Indian Hindi-language film releasing on October 22, 2021 directed by Agnidev Chatterjee, starring Sharman Joshi, Pooja Chopra, Tejashri Pradhan. The soundtrack is composed by Jeet Gannguli. The film is set to release on 22 October 2021.

Movie Plot:

This film is based in Uttar Pradesh, where a middle class family always dreamed of their son’s wedding. Babloo (Sharman Joshi) has met with a few girls hoping to find his bride, but none of the girls were right. When Babloo met Pooja Chopra, who was already engaged and not a virgin, Babloo rejected the proposal. At a wedding, Babloo met Tejashri Pradhan, who he ends up falling in love with, eventually proposing. On their wedding day, Tejashri runs away, only leaving Babloo a letter. Babloo tried to contact his future wife, and traveled to Mumbai to find her. While in Mumbai, Babloo runs into Pooja Chopra, where he tells Chopra his feelings about Tejashri and agrees to help him win her back. While speaking with Chopra, Babloo realizes she is a good person regardless of her past engagements, leaving Babloo to choose between two women.

Babloo Bachelor Movie Trailer:

Movie Review:

‘Babloo Bachelor’ is a simple romantic drama with a hackneyed premise. Nevertheless, it is executed with earnestness. Set in Lucknow, ‘Babloo Bachelor’ is the story of Ranvijay aka Babloo, a zamindar’s son who basks in his father’s glory. A simpleton and a writer of sorts, Babloo in his endeavour to find “the perfect bride” has rejected many proposals.

Very soon, the best matchmaker of Lucknow, Premanand Tiwari (Asrani), is roped in to find a perfect match for Babloo, who by now is tainted as the eternal bachelor.

At 35 and under duress, Babloo is introduced to Avantika (Pooja Chopra), an ambitious young woman who confesses to him that she had five boyfriends in the past. Babloo agrees to marry her, despite her confession, after being convinced by his best friend Chotu (Aakash Dabhade) that having affairs is a norm in modern times.

It does not take long for Babloo to fall head-over-heels with Avantika. But a few days before the wedding, Avantika confesses to him that she is not interested in settling down with an unambitious man and requests him to call off the wedding.

Once again, the heartbroken Babloo finds himself asserting that he is jinxed to remain a bachelor all his life. A few months later, at his cousin’s wedding, he chances upon Swati (Tejashri Pradhan), an aspiring actress who takes advantage of Babloo’s naivety and forces him to marry her. How she does not allow him to consummate the marriage forms the crux of the tale.

Director Agnidev Chatterjee’s oeuvre seems to be mounted on an outdated and perfunctory script packed with high-handed dialogues mouthed by Babloo’s dad (Rajesh Sharma) and frivolous ones by Chotu and Babloo’s uncle (Manoj Joshi).

Treated in a lighter vein, the plot, though focused, lacks the seriousness to connect emotionally. The comic scenes appear to be amateurishly handled and the resultant humour appears trite and forced.

On the performance front, the actors delivers their part with sincerity. Sharman Joshi, as the middle-aged, dejected Babloo, fits the bill perfectly. He brings a comedic heart to the character, who seems to prefer staying in his comfort zone.

He displays a subdued nervousness, which is in contrast to selfish and mean streaks of the characters played by Pooja Chopra and Tejashri Pradhan’s selfish and mean streak. Pooja and Tejashri deliver their parts competently, but their scenes with Sharman lack chemistry on-screen.

Aakash Dabhade and Sumeet Gulati (who plays his cousin) are over-the-top, loud and stereotyped in their roles, but they are relatable. Given Asrani’s talent, in a minuscule part, he is short-changed by the script.

The songs, despite being loud, are melodious and well-picturised, considering the film’s moderate production values. The numbers ‘Kasam’, ‘Aye Meri Zindagi’, ‘Jiya Nahin Lagta’, ‘Banna Banni’, ‘Jealous’ and ‘Tum Ho’ mesh seamlessly into the narrative, bringing relief to the staid storytelling.

Overall, ‘Babloo Bachelor’ is a mildly funny but sweet film that will make you smile.

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