Limerick 101

Little Gummy Fingers

My three year old son Once gave me a bottle of gum Said he wanted to stick Pictures of mummy, daddy and Hrithik But landed up sticking his bum.

Limerick 102

Much Too Thinned

There once was a fellow from Sindh Who went for a walk in the wind. He was blown away On that windy day Because he was much too thinned.

Limerick 103

My Favourite Coat

Last year in December Mummy bought me a coat, I remember It was very warm and snuggly I loved it and kept it properly and this year I will take it out in November.

Limerick 104

My Favourite Limericks

I read some limericks at a website They were humorous, nasty and some trite. I laughed quite a bit The page was a hit. I bookmarked it for a future night.

Limerick 105

Naughty Worms

One two, one two marched little worms They rested under the bushes turn by turn When the Colonel began to count The hidden worms sprinted out of the mound For no one wanted a spanking on their bum.

Limerick 106

One Day

Once in the month of September I was walking home with mother When suddenly we saw A local guardian of the law Floating past us like a feather.

Limerick 107


A very, very close friend went far away last weekend today I got a breathless call that she might be coming back after all Am I happy? Of course, and I won’t pretend.

Limerick 108

Signs of Autumn

As I got out of the house one morning Numerous leaves came towards me storming For a moment I wondered And then I remembered That autumn wind was forming.

Limerick 109

Sneh’s Way

There was a woman named Sneh Who wimpered and whined to get her way. Her friends thought little, Of the way she would quibble, But ignored everything she would say!

Limerick 110

Spring Time

I wait for the Spring To plan my trip to Sindh When new leaves bloom And crops will be harvested soon And then there will be summer mornings.

Limerick 111

The Bench

A bench in the park I play Has a colourful past, though its colour is grey This very bench is witness to fights of kids, who at first make a mess Only to later sit here and sing their blues away.

Limerick 112

Totally Unexpected

A girl and a boy In search of an expensive toy Went to all the well-known stores When, suddenly it began to pour And they chanted – Ahoy! Ahoy!

Limerick 113


Once there was a saint called Tulsidas Who lived in the jungles in the past He sat one day to write a tale Ramayan as we know it Is the epic he wrote atlast.

Limerick 114

While doing Tango

There was an elephant called Jango Who loved to Tango Once his ankle sprained He fell down in the drain and also broke a tree of mango.

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