Chaitra Navratri - Hindu Festival

Chaitra Navratri 2020 Hindu Festival Information

Chaitra Navratri signifies the start of the Indian or the Hindu new year i.e. the 1st day or Prathama tithi of the Chitra Sudi, every year.

Navratri, the festival of nine nights is dedicated to Goddess Durga and her nine forms. The nine days have great religious significance as Goddess Durga, the divine mother, had destroyed the evil force (in the form of the demon Mahisashura) during this period.

The festival is celebrated with true devotion and purity all over the country.

People from various sections of the society irrespective of caste and creed celebrate this festival by visiting temples and offering pujas at the Mother’s feet. In some places special puja samarohas are also held by setting the images of Mother Durga on beautifully decorated pandals.

Temples dedicated to Shakti also make arrangement for pujas and bratas to mark these nine days as true symbols of devotion and adoration towards the divine mother.

  • Chaitra Navratri 2019: April 06 (Saturday) – April 14 (Sunday)
  • Chaitra Navratri 2020: March 25 (Wednesday) – April 03 (Friday)
  • Chaitra Navratri 2021: April 13 (Tuesday) – April 21 (Wednesday)

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  1. We also celebrate this day here in Bangladesh.