Kangana Ranaut Horoscope

Kangana Ranaut Horoscope — Kangana Ranaut was born on 23rd March 1987, in Himachal Pradesh. She moved to Mumbai to try her luck in movies. Anurag Basu spotted her in a café while sipping coffee and he offered her a role. Her first movie Gangster went on to become a commercial and a critical success. In 2007, she won the Best Female Debut Award for her performance in Gangster and the Best Female Supporting Actress award for her performance in Fashion in 2009. Her next releases include Roshan and Kites opposite Hrithik Roshan.

Kangana is an Aries and her ruling number is 5. Her lucky days are Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. She is known to be brash and aggressive. She has been embroiled in a number of controversies and her rash and impulsive actions have made her the subject of constant media attention. The influence of her key planet Mars explains for her short-tempered nature. Courage, leadership skills and fearlessness are some of her qualities.

In 2010 things will move at a much faster pace for Kangana and there will be many changes in her life for the better. This year will see her re-invent herself and exhibit a new, confident self. Thanks to the Sun this year will also see the resolution of a certain issue that has been a thorn in her side for the past couple of years. Her life will revolve around her family this year. In the summertime, a new relationship may engage her attention and this may be the start of a whole new phase in her life. Professionally it is a great year for her with anything that she does seeing the light of success, thanks to Mercury. Overall it is an emotional year for her and she will find happiness in the most unexpected of places.

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