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Most Dancers En Pointe

Florida dancers setting the new world record for the Most Dancers en Pointe...

Last Updated On: Saturday, May 28, 2011


A group of 245 Florida dancers gathered at the Orange County Convention Center and danced on the tips of their toes in unison - setting the new world record for the Most Dancers en Pointe.

The previous Guinness world record for The most ballet dancers on pointe was 230, organised by Ellen and Gene Schiavone (both USA) in Central Park, New York, New York, USA.

Guinness World Records also recognized the world record for the most backing dancers to a singer, set by 546 participants who performed a routine for the singer Heather Small.

En pointe is the classical ballet technique where dancers stand on the tips of their toes for an extended period of time.

Kathy Follensbee, an organizer of the attempt and director of the Dr. Phillips High School Dance Magnet, said the event helped raise money for the school.

Dancers from as far away as Titusville, Jacksonville and Inverness attended the event.

Many parents also strapped on shoes to help the group reach the amount needed to break the record.


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