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Largest Collection of Miniature Books

He is a National Level Record Holder for the same collection in the Limca Book of Records...

Last Updated On: Friday, April 23, 2010


Nikunj Vagadia - Largest Collection of Miniature BooksIts amazing feeling to say that now Rajkot is knocking at the ‘Guinness World Records’ An enthusiastic Boy, Nikunj is presenting Rajkot at ‘The Guinness World Records’ Nikunj Vagadia (, M.Ed, D.E.M) 28 Yrs. Old, Event Manager is very Well known for his ‘Largest Collection of Miniature Books ’.

He is a ‘National Level Record Holder’ for the same collection in the ‘Limca Book of Records’ for the year 2006 as well as 2009. He had applied in the ‘Guinness’ six months back, now Guinness accepted his record proposal as a new Guinness World Record and permitted him officially for the record attempt. Nikunj, is going to make a new ‘World Record’ for having ‘Largest Collection of Miniature Books.’ For the same object he arranged the ‘Guinness World Record Attempt’ event at the Crystal Mall – Rajkot on 22 November, 2009 & now we have to wait for an official approval of Nikunj’s Collection as a new GWR.

The whole event was cordially supported by well known ‘Rotary Club of Rajkot GREATER’ This event got wide publicity through the Web by ‘City Guide’ as well as On Air publicity through BIG 92.7 FM Radio Station. The whole event was managed by Red Rose Event & Promos – Rajkot.

The Mayor of Rajkot City Miss Sandhyaben Vyas ,Chief Editor of Akila Mr. Kiritbhai Ganatra, CEO of PR Consultancy Mr. Madhav Jasapara & Hiren Gosai inaugurated the function by ‘opening the box of tiny autobiography of the Great Mahatma Gandhi plated with 24 Carats Real Gold Plates’.

The crew was clapping loudly with pride and honor to canvass such noble messages with world record attempt by Nikunj. The crowd also encouraged Nikunj for his noble effort for world peace. The regional and national news papers provided him great support. He has collected 258 (Two Hundreds & Fifty Eight Only.) different miniature books with various titles, volumes, sizes, shapes and categories. His whole collection is categorized under 17 various categories World’s most famous titles are collected in a miniature books form in his amazing collection. The whole Collection is within the range of 19 x 27 mm to 47 x 55 mm only by size. The miniature books are printed sharply, it can be read without any scientific equipment.

Nikunj’s Collection includes world’s most popular titles as the miniature books like, Shreemad Bhagawad Gita (23 x 30 mm), Quran(19 x 27 mm), Ramayana & Mahabharat(35 x 46 mm ), An Autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi (33 x 46 mm) , Gandhi & Humanism(36 x 54 mm), Julius Ceaser(33 x 43 mm),Macbeth(34 x 50 mm), Othello (33 x 50 mm), Pride & Prejudice (28 x 44 mm ), Northanger Abbey (32 x 49 mm), Sidney Sheldon (30 x 44 mm), Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone (35 x 50 mm), Lajja (37 x 51 mm), Chicken Soup & Soul (30 x 40 mm), Illustrated Biographies of Jesus Chirist, Dalai Lama, Diana, Alfred Nobel, Monoroe, Tom Cruise in 31 x 46 mm only and yes , all these books have ISBN.

The Collection also Contains World’s Most Valuable Miniature Book, Which is ‘An Autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi’ .The volumes of this titles are bound by using 24 carat Real Gold Plates and hence it is highly valuable, as well as 100 years old miniature book of Shreemad Bhagawad Gita (Which was printed in 1901).

All the Miniature Books are bound by using hard cover pages with attractive colored of original silk cloth. The title pages are looking nice with the 4 colour designs. The whole collection is just look like a ‘Mini Congress Library of America’ The Rajkotians have provided him great support for his noble cause to canvass the noble message of Peace, Brotherhood, Non-violence and Love across the world, by arranging an exhibition of world’s largest collection of miniature books from different well known titles of books from various countries.

It would be very appropriate to say that his whole collection and his noble cause to canvass such noble messages is also admired and supported by the Ex-President Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam Sir as well as the Governor of Gujarat.


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