World's first pizza delivery robot: Domino's sets world record

World’s first pizza delivery robot: Domino’s sets world record

Brisbane, Australia – March 23, 2016 – DRU, Domino’s Robotic Unit, a prototype of the world’s first autonomous pizza delivery vehicle, was unveiled in Brisbane; the four-wheeled vehicle standing at just under a metre high has a heated compartment that can hold up to 10 pizzas.

Photo: Domino’s, the worldwide pizza chain, announced a DRU, Domino’s Robot Unit, in Brisbane, Australia. DRU can navigate itself to a delivery location, with separate heated and cooling compartments to keep your orders primed.

The Guinness World Records world record for the longest line of pizzas measured 541.8 m (1,777 ft 10 in) and was achieved by the Van Duzer Foundation and the St. Lucie County Education Foundation (both USA) in Fort Pierce, Florida, USA, on 16 May 2009. The line consisted of 1,800 12-inch pizzas.

Guinness World Records also recognized the world record for the most pizzas made in one hour by a team; it is 837 and was achieved by staff from Domino’s Pizza Australia and New Zealand at the Domino’s Pizza store in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia on 21 January 2012.

The four-wheeled vehicle standing at just under a metre high has a heated compartment that can hold up to 10 pizzas.

The fast food retailer built the droid with Australian start-up Marathon Robotics using a robot sourced from the military and their own technology, including Domino’s GPS tracking data.

The four-wheeled robotic unit travels up to speeds of 20km/h and is designed to cruise on footpaths, trails, and bike paths.

When it reaches its destination, the customer enters a security code in their phone to tell the robot to open its locked storage compartment and deliver the pizza.

Domino’s Group CEO and managing director, Don Meij said that autonomous vehicles were set to open up new opportunities and create an impetus for innovation for Domino’s globally and in Australia.

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