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Ramayana – Quiz for Ram Navami

Ramayana - Quiz for Ram Navami

Everyone knows about Lord Rama and the epic Ramayana. We have read about these in books and seen on television. Below is the 10 question simple quiz to check your remembrance. It’s a simple quiz related to incidents and personalities involved in the life of Lord Rama.

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Aranya Kand

Aranya Kand – The third part, Aranya Kand, describes the forest life of Rama and the kidnapping of Sita by the demon king Ravana. Introduction Rama, Sita and Lakshmana journeyed southward along the banks of river Godavari, where they built cottages and lived off the land. At the Panchavati forest they are visited by a rakshasa woman, Surpanakha, the sister …

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