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Eid-e-Milad – Islam Festival Celebration, Maulid & Barah Wafat


Eid-e-Milad – Allahuma salli ala Muhammadin wa – ala – Ale Muhammad O God! Shower thy blessings on Muhammad and the descendants of Muhammad Eid-e-Milad is here and its time to celebrate. It is time to remember the teachings of the Prophet and follow the mission the Prophet dedicated all his life to. Eid-e-Milad is celebrated in the memory of …

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What are the Islamic mourning rites and rituals (Muharram)?

On Ashura, the Muslims take out processions carrying colourfully decorated taziyas (bamboo and paper replicas of the martyr’s tomb) embellished with gilt and mica. Colourful replicas of Imam Husain’s tomb at Karbala are also carried in procession and buried at an imitation Karbala. The mourners walk barefoot to the beat of drums. In a frenzy of grief, they beat their …

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