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समोसा – ओम प्रकाश बजाज

समोसा - ओम प्रकाश बजाज

चटनी के साथ गर्म- गर्म समोसा, चाय के साथ परोसा जाता है। बच्चा, बड़ा, मर्द, औरत हर कोई बड़े चाओ से खाता है, न जाने कब किसने समोसे का, पहली बार अविष्कार किया। बाहरी आवरण बनाया समोसा भरा, तेल में तल कर समोसा तैयार किया। तब से अब तक अनगिनत पीढ़िया, इसका आनदं लेती आई है। कही-कही इसी पकवान को, …

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General Knowledge Picture Quiz – 1

General Knowledge Quiz - 1

General Knowledge Picture Quiz – 1: Recognize the Pictures of famous personalities, places, monuments…

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Where does caviare come from?

Caviare is the role of the female members of the sturgeon family. These fish are found in northern and central Asia, Europe and North America. The best quality black caviare comes from sturgeon caught during the winter months in the estuaries of rivers which flow into the Baltic Sea. It is regarded as a great delicacy and has been known …

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When was billiards first played?

Though the origin of billiards is lost in history, an account by Greek traveller Anacharsis suggests that a rudimentary version was played by Egyptians around 400 BC. This form was adopted by the Greeks. The word ‘billiard’ has its roots in the French words ‘billart’ meaning stick, and ‘bille’ meaning ball. In 1470, the first billiards table was found among …

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Homer is a legendary ancient Greek epic poet. No reliable biographical information about him survives from classical antiquity. Apparently Homer was a pseudonym. His given name was Melesigenes. The Iliad and the Odyssey are considered by most scholars to be the products of a centurieslong tradition of orally composed poetry; the role of an individual poet, or poets, in composing …

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