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गए थे नमाज पढ़ने, रोजे गले पड़ गए Folktale on Hindi Proverb

गए थे नमाज पढ़ने, रोजे गले पड़ गए – Folktale on Hindi Proverb

एक मोहल्ले में काजी का परिवार था। सब मोहल्ले वाले काजी के परिवार का सम्मान करते थे। इस परिवार के सभी बच्चे पढ़ने में होशियार थे। सभी काम में लगे हुए थे। लेकिन उस परिवार में एक लड़का ऐसा था कि उसके आचार – विचार घर के लोगों से अलग थे। परिवार के सब लोग नमाज पढ़ते थे और धार्मिक …

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एक से भले दो Hindi Folktale on Proverb Two Heads Are Better Than One

एक से भले दो-Hindi Folktale on Proverb Two Heads Are Better Than One

एक परिवार था। उस परिवार में बूढी माँ और एक उसका लड़का। एक लड़की भी थी जो ससुराल में थी। बूढी माँ जीवों से बहुत प्यार करती थी। जब लड़का काम पर करता था, तो माँ अकेली रह जाती थी। उस समय बुढ़िया कुत्ता, तोता और नेवला से मन लगाए रखती थी। उसका लड़का भी इनसे बहुत प्यार करता था। …

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Mother’s Day Greetings

Mother's Day Greetings

Mother’s Day Greetings: Mother’s Day is observed the second Sunday in May. It is a time to honor mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers for their contribution to family and society. Here we have collection of Mother’s Day greeting cards, share with your Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram friends. Mother’s Day Greetings for WhatsApp, Instagram & Facebook

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Mother’s Day Party Favors

Mother's Day Party Favors

If you are planning a Mother’s Day Party for your mother, apart from theme, ambiance and menu, what need to be kept concern are the favors or the return gifts. Not only they have become a fashion statement but also a status symbol. Apart from this, they are also a token of love and memories to your guest in this party. So, …

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Mother’s Day Party Decoration

Mother's Day Party Decoration

You can’t completely enjoy a party until and unless the party has a right kind of ambiance and perfect decoration. Not only does the decoration help in making the party venue attractive, it also helps in psychologically preparing the guest for party mood. Your party decoration becomes most important when you are planning a theme party. Decorations that are not …

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Mother’s Day Celebrations

Mother's Day Celebrations

Mother’s Day is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm in over 46 countries across the globe. Though Mother’s Day celebrations take place at different times around the world what is remarkably same are the feelings with which people celebrate Mother’s Day. This is so because mothers are as caring in East as they are in the West. The difference between mothers …

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माँ – दिल छू जाने वाली हिंदी कविता

माँ - दिल छू जाने वाली हिंदी कविता

मै तेरा गुनेहगार हूँ माँ मै तुझे भूल गया उन झूठे रिश्तो के लिए जो मैंने बाहर निभाए उन झूठे नातो के लिए जो मेरे काम ना आये मै तेरा गुनेहगार हूँ माँ बॉस के कुत्ते को कई बार डॉक्टर को दिखाना पड़ा पुचकार कर उसे खुद अपना हाथ भी कटवाना पड़ा पर तेरा चश्मा न बनवा पाया तुझे दवा …

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Mother’s Day Card Ideas

Mother's Day Card Ideas

“We only have One Mom, One Mommy, One Mother in this World, One life. Don’t wait for the Tomorrow’s to tell Mom, you love her.” Mother’s Day is here, the day devoted to the most important person in your life, the person who has brought you into this world, Your Mom! Even though you should never wait for a particular …

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Funny Mother’s Day Card Ideas

Funny Mother's Day Card Ideas

Mother’s Day, the day especially reserved for making a mother feel loved and cared for, is just around the corner. As the day comes closer, you start thinking of the gift that will be perfect for your dearest mom. It should be something that helps you express your deepest feelings for her and also makes her feel like a really …

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Mother’s Day Facebook Covers

Mother's Day Facebook Covers

Mother’s Day Facebook Covers: Here at 4to40.com, we offer you hundreds of amazing Mother’s Day Facebook covers for your Facebook profile. Installing Mothers Day Facebook profile covers is simple! Simply choose the Mothers Day Facebook profile cover you’d like to use, right-click and save it in your gallery. Open your Facebook Profile and upload! Mother’s Day Facebook Covers

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