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The Year of the Runaways – Sunjeev Sahota

The Year of the Runaways - Sunjeev Sahota [Book Review]

Title: The Year of the Runaways Author: Sunjeev Sahota Publisher: Picador India Pages: 480 Price: Rs. 599 Can one outrun the vengeful past and escape inequality, gratuitous violence, and exploitation in a foreign land, or will these inequities stick as fast and close as a shadow no matter where one is? Is an unskilled immigrant’s life any better than a …

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Big Cabbage – C. Schmid

Two shop boys, Joe and Henry, one day passed by one of the village gardens. “Look at that,” said Joe, “what a beautiful big cabbage.” “That’s nothing,” said Henry, who was something of a boaster. “In my travels in foreign lands I once saw a cabbage bigger than this garden.” Joe, who was a coppersmith, commented: “It must have been …

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