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Christmas Around The World: Worldwide Christmas Celebrations

Christmas Wishes - Wishes for Christmas, Christmas Wish Ideas

Christmas is one of the important Christian festivals, celebrated with great fanfare around the world. The day, which is observed on 25 December, is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. It is a holiday season in many countries of the world, where Christianity is the predominant religion. While the festival is celebrated with enthusiasm worldwide, the customs …

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Christmas Crafts: Christmas Craft Ideas for Students and Children


Here are some simple and easy Christmas crafts for kids and adults and Christmas craft ideas that you can actually use Christmas is the right time to give vent to your creativity and artistic capabilities and encourage kids to do something constructive that they can enjoy too. Christmas crafts will also keep your children busy and make them aware of …

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Christmas Hangings: Making beautiful Christmas Wall Hangings

Christmas Hangings - Christian Culture & Tradition

During the holidays of Christmas, people clean their home and decorate it beautifully. Christmas tree is also adorned with attractive embellishments, during the festive season. While most people purchase ornaments from the stores, to use them for the decorations, others prefer to spend frugally, for the festival. One of the ways to have an economical Christmas is to make embellishments …

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Christmas Hymns: Popular Christmas Hymn Lyrics

Christmas Hymns - Christian Culture & Tradition

Christmas is celebrated with religious fervor by people following Christianity. For them, it is the most auspicious occasion of a calendar year. Like most of the festivals that have transnational importance, Christmas has also been commercialized. In the present time, celebrating Christmas is all about spending on festoons, cakes, parties, clothes and gifts. Nonetheless, the religious aspects of the festival …

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Christmas Grinch: How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Christmas Grinch - Christian Culture & Tradition

The festival of Christmas commemorates the birth of Lord Jesus Christ, the central figure of Christianity. He was born as the divine son of Virgin Mary and Joseph. As per the legends, Lord Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem, in a manger (stable). Christmas is the day to have fun with the near and dear as well as pray to …

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Christmas Flowers: Popular flowers for Christmas

Christmas Flowers - Christian Culture & Tradition

Flowers are an important part of Christmas decorations. Every year, people buy flowers during the festive season, to decorate their Christmas tree, wreath, home and many other things. Christmas flowers such as rose, lily and daisy are sold extensively in the markets. Such importance is given to flowers, because they symbolize love, peace and prosperity. When a bud blossoms into …

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Christmas Mistletoe: Legend and Kissing Under Christmas Mistletoe

Christmas Mistletoe - Christian Culture & Tradition

Mistletoe is an interesting plant; botanically it is categorized to be partial parasite i.e. the one which grows on the branches or trunk of a tree by penetrating its roots to take up nutrients, however few categories of Mistletoe are also found doing photosynthesis (making food on their own). These are basically popular for being used as a Christmas decoration …

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Christmas Jokes: Funny Christmas Jokes for Students and Children

Christmas Jokes - Christian Culture & Tradition

The holiday season of Christmas is the time to let loose all the tensions of everyday life and have a lot of fun. It is the perfect occasion to call upon family members, relatives and long lost friends and spend some quality time with them. During the holidays, people would take part in activities such as making crafts, singing Christmas …

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Christmas Movies: Most Popular Christmas Films

Christmas Movies - List of popular Christmas Movies

Christmas is a time to spend quality time with family members and have a lot of fun. During the holidays, many families would plan weekend getaway, parties, or get together with their friends and relatives. It is also the time, when cinema halls are flocked with movie buffs. While many people make their bookings in advance and head towards the …

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Christmas Morning: Christian Culture & Tradition

Christmas Morning – Christian Culture & Tradition

The air is filled with excitement and festivity, as the dawn breaks over Christmas day. Known as Christmas morning, the time is much awaited by people, who celebrate it with pomp and gaiety. The day begins with people chanting prayers and singing jingles and songs in the praise of Lord. People across the world celebrate Christmas morning in different ways, …

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