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Hanukkah Quotes in English

Hanukkah Quotes in English

Hanukkah Quotes in English: Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt against the Seleucid Empire. Hanukkah is observed for eight nights and days, starting on the 25th day of Kislev according to the Hebrew calendar, which may occur at any time from late November to late December in the Gregorian calendar. It is also known as the Festival of Lights and the Feast of Dedication.

  • Even our misfortunes are a part of our belongings.
    ~ Antoine
  • Most Texans think Hanukkah is some sort of duck call.
    ~ Richard Lewis
  • May love and light fill your home and heart at Hanukkah.
    ~ Proverb
  • If I had to choose one over the other, I’d choose Hanukkah.
    ~ Susan Bauer
  • We light candles in testament that faith makes miracles possible.
    ~ Nachum Braverman
  • The darkness of the whole world cannot swallow the glowing of a candle.
    ~ Robert Altinger
  • Chanuka is about the spark of the divine in all of us made in God’s image.
    ~ Suzanne Fields
  • When you’re in love it’s the most glorious two and a half days of your life.
    ~ Richard Lewis

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