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Teacher - Rahul Mahajan

Teacher – Rahul Mahajan

Our TeacherTeachers are preachers, they mould our future,
My teachers are beautiful pearls,
they take care of all boys and girls.
They are very helpful, they are very kind.
Everything they teach, settle to our mind.
They are more intelligent, their heart are pure.
They want our progress, this much I am sure.
Our school won HT Banner-First Prize.
By winning this, our teachers show how they are wise.
Palak stood first from Trans Yamuna in Xth board.
This was possible because our teachers divided our load.
We love our teachers, we sing chores.
Teachers are preachers. They mould our future.

∼ Rahul Mahajan [Little Flower Public Sr. Sec School, Shahdara, New Delhi]

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