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Dreams – Pooja Kalra

Dreams Become Cook

I wish I could be a cook,
Turning the pages of my recipe book
Thinking and making food,
And eating half of it according to my mood.

Dreams Become Builder

I wish I could be a builder,
Building houses and flats for others
And as far as I am concerned,
I shall build a magnificent palace.

Dreams Become Toy Maker

I wish I could be a toy maker,
Making different toys for others,
And as far as I am concerned,
I shall make a rabbit for me.

Dreams Become Textile Designer

I wish I could be a textile designer,
For shirts and trousers, I would be the maker,
I’d design fabulous clothes for others
Which could also be worn by me and my mother

But alas, these are all but dreams.

∼ Pooja Kalra

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