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Tackling Foul Language in Children

TacklingUsing bad words or abusive language is increasingly becoming a problem in growing children. Most of us have experienced it but when it comes to dealing with it, we often don’t know what to do.

  • First of all, we need to determine exactly our child is picking up this language from. Let us honestly examine our own language and see whether we are using foul language in front of our children. If yes, then let us stop it immediately.

  • Children can pick up bad language from people they regularly interact with, such as drivers, servants, ayahs, etc. So keep an eye on whom they are talking to and, if necessary, warm the foul language user.

  • Make sure that the TV programmes or the films that the child sees contains no objectionable language because media can easily affect the child’s vulnerable mind.

  • Make the child understand that it is unacceptable to use bad language. Tell her that bad words hurt people.

  • Explain to the child that only undesirable people use bad language. If necessary, you can even tell the child the actual meaning of some bad words. This will make her remember their foul meaning the next times she feels tempted to use them and she will restrain herself.

  • However, don’t make foul language an issue because sometimes children, instead of stopping, continues to use such language as they feel it will get our attention or will demonstrate their power. So try and handle the situation delicately.

Children are like sponges who soak the atmosphere around them. they naturally imitate what they see happening around. As parents and guardians. It is up to us to see that we provide our children with the right role models to follow and the right atmosphere to grow in.

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