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Child TalkWhy, asked the Little Bear. Because… answered Papa Bear. Answering the little one’s questions should be an important part of every adult’s agenda. For, that is the only way he can learn.

All children have two wonderful resources for learning – imagination and curiosity. As a parent, you can make your child aware of the environment around by leading him into conversations which will increase his store of knowledge.

And, if you always make an effort to answer his questions, he will see you as a comrade and even confide in you. Often, parents discourage their kids to confide in them and want them to handle problem situations on their own, says an article in the Times magazine. It is fine to give them their own space and leave them on their own so that they learn to be independent and do not come running to you at the slightest of problems. But, it is equally important that you step in when the situation gets out of hand. So, one needs to teach the kid that it is equally important to tattle as it is to tell.

When you tattle, you are reporting about someone in order to get her into trouble. Whereas, when you tell, you are reporting in order to seek help.

Parents should educate their children on the difference between tattling and telling, say violence prevention experts. As, incidents of violence in schools have forced parents and kids to learn an uncomfortable truth: sometimes it is necessary to tattle.

Further, the report says young children often fear that if they talk about a bully in school, they might get into trouble. So, parents need to convince children to confide in them.

Everyone has problems, including children. If you keep the lines of communication with your child open, you will have a better idea of what is going on in his life.

Your child’s peace of mind and safety is well worth the time and effort.

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