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How Much Milk For A One-Year-Old?

Baby Much Milk“My baby won’t eat a thing no matter what I cook” is a common complaint. It is usually due to the fact that he is having 8 oz (200 to 225 ml) of milk four or five times a day.

This of course is sufficient to supply all the calories or energy he needs in a form which he is used to. So how can he eat anything else?

It is important, therefore, to gradually go on reducing the amount of milk as the quantity of solids increases. A one-year-old does not need more than half a litre of milk a day.

Besides this, you can give your baby curd, panir or a milk pudding with his or her meals. Milk should be given in the morning and afternoon only, and lunch and dinner should consist mainly of the household food, such as mashed vegetables with a chappati or some rice.

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