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Philippines Weird News: Strange Creatures Keep Washing Ashore

Philippines Weird News: Strange Creatures Keep Washing Ashore

What is black and white and red all over? While children struggle to figure out that a newspaper is the answer to that riddle, a new discovery on the shore of the Philippines has the same color pattern. Earlier in the week, a strange blob, covered in white hairs, floated onto the shores of the Dinagat Islands province. The mysterious creature’s appearance alarmed local residents. Scientists arrived recently to begin studying the creature. This is the second time a weird creature washed ashore in the Philippines in the last month.

Photographs of the strange creature suggest it is over 20 feet long and weighs over 4,000 pounds. What appear to be white hairs cover the surface of the object, with a blackish skin underneath. Patches of red blood color the white hairs. Local residents flocked to the coast to see the creature and their images quickly went viral online. Early reports suggested the floating blob was a manatee or dugong. Others speculated the carcass was a bloated whale. So much attention poured in that the government called for an investigation of the weird carcass. Investigators from the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO) arrived and conducted visual and chemical tests on the blob. Labeling it a “globster,” the scientists concluded it was a decomposing sperm whale. Decomposing muscle fibers turned into the white “hairs.”


Earlier this month, a magnitude 6.7 earthquake hit Surigao City in the Philippines. A few days later, in Agusan del Norte, a coastal town on the island of Mindanao, a sea monster washed ashore. An oarfish, with a body nearly 50 feet long, it died soon after its arrival on the beach. In Japanese tradition, the knife-like fish is called the “Messenger from the Sea God’s Palace.” Additionally, many believe the fish’s appearance near the surface predicts additional earthquakes. Typically, it dwells 650 to 3,300 feet below the ocean’s surface, in a twilight-like area known as the Mesopelagic Zone. Oarfish are the world’s largest bony fish. While alive, they possess a vibrant red, purple, and silver color. Scholars believe the long creatures are the basis for early seamen’s tales of sea serpents.

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