Who sailed a train?

Who sailed a train?In 1827 a railroad was built from Baltimore to Ohio to counteract the prosperity that canals were bringing to Philadelphia and New York. It was originally intended to use horse power. But in 1830 a cheap, though not very reliable, method of propelling trains was tried out. The Baltimore and Ohio’s sailing car ‘Aeolus’ made its maiden voyage in the charge of a sailing-master from Chesapeake Bay. Four days later she set off again carrying this time an eminent engineer. With a good breeze she glided along at a spanking pace, but when they came to the end of the track the sailing master forgot to apply the brakes and charged a bank of earth. The South Carolina Railroad tried a sailing car later. Loaded with three tons of iron ballast and fifteen people, its mast was broken by a gust of wind when making nearly twelve knots.

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