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Is there a place where the sun never sets?

Is there a place where the sun never sets?In a way, this is true of the north and south polar regions, and is caused by the tilt of the earth in relation to the sun. In fact, summer at the north pole is a time when the sun never actually sets from March to September, because the earth does not tilt enough for it to disappear below the horizon. The sun does sink in the evening and rise in the morning, and during the night there is a sort of odd half-light over the polar region. Winter is very similar, in that the days as well as the nights are very dark from September to March. At the south pole, the reverse happens – summer there takes place at the same time at winter in north, because the two poles are at opposite ends of the earth, so that when the sun is shinning on one it cannot shine on the other at the same time. This is why people in Australia and New Zealand have their summer when people in Britain are in the middle of winter. It would seem strange to them to have snow at Christmas, as it would be odd for British people to eat their Christmas turkey while sunbathing on a beach!

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