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How was Tutankhamen’s tomb discovered?

How was Tutankhamen's tomb discovered?In November 1922 an English archaeologist, Howard Carter, found in Egypt the tomb of a pharaoh that was filled with wonderful, exciting treasure. Newspapers were full of stories of golden thrones, beds and chariots, of jeweled caskets, even of flowers still preserved in the dry, airless tomb. Carter, who was working for Lord Carnarvon, had been busy in the royal burial site at Thebes, known as the Valley of the Kings. He knew that nearly every royal tomb had been found and that a pharaoh called Tutankhamen, still in his teens when he died, was almost the only one undiscovered. He narrowed the area of search down to one small part of the Valley, and a stairway and top of a doorway were soon revealed. The door bore some seals, two of which were those of Tutankhamen! By the end of November the door was fully uncovered and Carter made a small hole in it through which he shone a torch. The light winked back from the golden riches of a pharaoh who had died nearly 3,300 years before. It was one of the most important archaeological finds in history. The treasures from the tomb are now in Cairo Museum. Jewellery worn by Tutankhamen.

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