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What is Republic Day on January 26th?

What is Republic Day on January 26th?Republic Day is to commemorate the day when India first became republics.

Although India obtained its independence on August 15, 1947, the Constitution of India came into effect only on January 26, 1950.

During the transition period from 1947 to 1950, King George VI was the head of state. Lord Mountbatten and C. Rajagopalachari served as the Governors General of India during this period.

Following January 26, 1950, Rajendra Prasad was elected as the first president of India.

The Constitution of India was formally accepted by the Parliament, and India declared itself as a “Republic” on January 26, 1950

This date is being celebrated annually as Republic Day in India.

It is one of three annual national holidays in India, the other two being the nation’s Independence Day on August 15 (since 1947) and the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi on October 2.

To mark this occasion, a grand parade is held in New Delhi, the Capital of India, and also at the respective states and Districts, schools and other institutions.

The celebration of Republic Day continues to be a source of pride for the people of India, and a significant day for democracy in general.

It brings together citizens of all backgrounds to commemorate the adoption of a truly democratic way of life.

What ever it may be now also we are not getting the freedom right now from the corruption, poverty, etc,. so living generation will make effort to save our nation from these devils.

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