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Mother’s Day Party Games

A party without games seems a little incomplete, especially if it is a Mother’s Day Party. Other than working on ambiance and menu, you must pay attention to the enjoyment aspect of your party. For making mom dears amused you can organize some fun party games for them. Do not make the games too complex for your mom and please keep away the video game idea from the party. Plan out of some simple entertaining games which can keep them engaged for long. If you are getting no clue about the games that they may enjoy, check out the ideas listed below.

Games for Mother’s Day Party


Doctor is a fun party game, played by a number of people. It is played in the following way.

One of the people in the group is chosen as the “Doctor” and he/she goes outside the room. All the other people in the room have to decide on some funny ailment that he/she has. Thereafter, the doctor is called inside the room and he/she has to help the patients by discovering their ailments. For this, he has to ask them a number of questions and discover the inconsistencies in their answers. In case a person gives an answer inconsistent with his/her disease, another patient will shout “Doctor” to let the doctor know that there is something fishy. The game comes to an end when the doctor identifies at least one patient’s ailment. Now, the identified patient becomes the doctor and the whole procedure is repeated.

Dumb Charades

An interesting game, dumb charades is perfect for a large number of people. Check out how to play dumb charades…

The total number of people is divided into two teams, example A and B, with an equal number of players. A player from team A is called and given the name of a film or a song. Now that player has to explain the name of the film or song to his/her team members, with actions and without uttering a single word. If the team members guess the name within a stipulated time, they win a point. Otherwise, their score remains zero. The same procedure is followed with a player of team B. The game goes on, till all the members of both the teams have enacted at least once. The team with the highest number of points wins the game.

Musical Chair

Musical Chair is a fun party game, played by a number of people. It is played in the following way.

The chairs are arranged in a circular manner in a hall or ground. The number of chair is one less than the total number of players. All the players are made to stand around the chairs and music is played in the background. As the music stops each of the players has to grab a chair and quickly sit on it. One of the players who could not be able to manage a seat for him has to quit. Again one chair is removed so that the number of chair always remains less than the number of players and the game is carried on, till only two players and one chair is left. At this stage, the one who grabs the only left chair in the arena emerges as a winner.

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