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Mother's Day Party Favors

Mother’s Day Party Favors

If you are planning a Mother’s Day Party for your mother, apart from theme, ambiance and menu, what need to be kept concern are the favors or the return gifts. Not only they have become a fashion statement but also a status symbol. Apart from this, they are also a token of love and memories to your guest in this party. So, if you are planning Mother’s Day Party this year, do not forget to include favors and return gifts for those who come to your celebrations.

Though the choice of favors for mother’s day party is not as easy as your birthday return gifts, keeping few things in concern will certainly make it easy. Deciding all these things at the very beginning of your party will help you do a proper budgeting of other expenses. Also, it will help you from avoiding last moment hassle of packing and presentations, when other things like decoration and ambiance will need more of your attention. Given here few tips on selection of favors for your mother’s day party that you may find useful…

Tips for selecting Mother’s Day Party Favors

  • Choose something in accordance to the age group for your guests. As most of your guests would be your mom’s friend, choose gifts as per their age group.
  • You can also choose things that they may find suitable enjoying with their kid.
  • You should neither be extravagant nor be frugal while choosing favors for your Mother’s Day Party.
  • You can also opt for some self made items if you are good for arts and crafts. Not only will it save your money, it will also give a personalized touch.
  • If possible, gift them all with personalized T-shirts or photo-frames with their kids’ photograph which are also
    countersigned by their kids.
  • You can also get a Mother’s day poem beautifully framed and countersigned by their kids’ and present them in a beautiful packing.
  • Being innovative in deciding your return gift will also help you in creating a fun element for the party. If you wish you can collect different kind of gifts and randomly distribute them between your guests. However keep in concern that all gifts are of same price range.

Gifts that you can choose

  • A bunch of artificial flowers
  • An assortment of candies
  • Bag of cookies
  • Box of chocolates
  • Customized T-shirts or Mugs
  • Mothers Day Ode in a frame.
  • Hand Made Paintings
  • Spa Coupons
  • Costume jewelry
  • Key chains
  • Mothers-Day customized Teddy
  • Mothers Day Books
  • Mother and child game
  • Pen set
  • Scented candles
  • Table clock
  • Vase
  • Writing Pad
  • Certificate of being a good mother countersigned by their kids

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