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India boasts of strong culture & traditions. This category introduces you to different aspects of Indian cultural traditions.

When is Parent’s Day 2017

When is Parent's Day 2017

Doesn’t the term ‘Parent’s day’ strike a tad odd to you, making you wonder why on earth should there be a day allotted to parents when the calendar already shows a full day earmarked separately for mothers and fathers? It will hardly be a surprise if it indeed does strike you as odd. The fact is, even though there were …

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Parent’s Day Speech

Parent's Day Speech

Like father’s day and mother’s day, parent’s day is celebrated to honor parents and thank them for all their sacrifices they have made and the love they have showered us with. The day was first observed by US President Bill Clinton to show due respect to parents for upbringing their children and to honor them for the things they do …

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Parent’s Day Wishes


Parent’s day is your chance to wish your parents like you never have before. With everyone being a part of the race, getting ahead in life seems to be the only thing that counts. It is sickeningly gray routines like these that have deprived us of the chances to tell our parents that we do care for them, that they …

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Parent’s Day Recipes

Parent's Day Recipes

Parent’s day, as you may already know, is all about celebrating the people who are responsible for your existence on ‘Planet Earth’. Parent’s day is that one day when children actually do take the time out to tell their parents that they care for them and appreciate each and everything done by parent for child. But then, what are words, …

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Parent’s Day Messages

Parent's Day Messages

Parents Day messages depend on the kind of relationship that you share with your parents. This is why most Parent’s day messages are very personal and not written formally. Some messages can even be humorous to make their parents smile. Most people would like to wish their parents by phone or by meeting them, but those who are unable to …

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Parent’s Day Jokes

Parent's Day Jokes

Being a parent is serious business. After all, no one ever said it would be like walking through a lush meadow noted for an abundance of brooks and meadows. In fact, parenting is really quite the opposite, where each and every day is a challenge, where and each every day brings forth something new. Yet, in spite of the trails, …

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Parent’s Day History

Parent's Day History

Parent’s day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July in many countries. It is a day meant to honor the parents for all the sacrifices they do throughout their lives to provide their children with the best of everything. Parent’s day gives children an opportunity to reunite with their parents and have a good time with them. It is …

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Parent’s Day Around The World

Parent's Day Around The World

If you ask someone as to whom they hold in great regard and esteem and will forever continue to do so, there is a fat chance that you will get anything other than parents for an answer. This owes to the fact that parents have a paramount place in the lives of children. Lucky is the child who is bestowed …

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Parent’s Day Activities

Parent's Day Activities

Why do kids need to have all the fun? Why do to teens need to run around in the sun? When will the good times dawn on our aging parents? Think about it, while the younger ones of the family always seem to be having a good time, parents on the other hand are holed up in grey offices working …

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Parent’s Day Crafts

Parent's Day Crafts

Handmade crafts are much more valued by parents than any gift that’s bought at a shop. A lot of effort is involved in making a gift by hand and such efforts are often unnoticed by all except by those close to you, such as your parents. Getting the requirements and learning how to make it can sometimes be more difficult …

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