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अगस्त 2017 साप्ताहिक आर्थिक राशिफल: नंदिता पाण्डेय

वार्षिक आर्थिक राशिफल – Annual Financial Predictions

साप्ताहिक आर्थिक राशिफल: 20 – 26 अगस्त, 2017 – Weekly Financial Predictions मेष (Arise) कार्यक्षेत्र में उन्नति कारक स्तिथियां बनती जाएंगी। आर्थिक समृद्धि के योग धीमे धीमे सुधरते जाएंगे। इस सप्ताह परिवार की किसी महिला को लेकर आप चिंतित हो सकते हैं। सप्ताह के अंत में चिंतित रह सकते हैं। वृष (Taurus) कार्यक्षेत्र में आपको कहीं से मदद मिल सकती है। आपके प्रोजेक्ट्स …

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Pisces Weekly Horoscope – August 2017: Anupam V Kapil

Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces Weekly Horoscope (February 19 – March 19) Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, which has the symbol of ‘The Fish’. Pisces people are not much interested in the material things of life and are not the ones to run after money. It’s not that they are against riches, but they are more aware of its impermanence. They are not greedy about …

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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope – August 2017: Anupam V Kapil

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope (January 20 – February 18) Aquarius ‘The Water Bearer’ is the second last sign of the zodiac. An Aquarian lives in the real world, but he will talk about the future. He is very kind and peace loving, but likes going against the conventions every now and then. Usually, he is very soft spoken, but can surprise you by passing very offhanded …

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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope – August 2017: Anupam V Kapil

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope (November 22 – December 22) Sagittarius has the symbol of ‘The Archer’. The people born under this zodiac sign just don’t know how to give compliments. Their compliment will be like “You are looking so good in this dress. I bet no one can make out that huge beer belly” of yours. It’s not that they are trying to offend you …

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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope – August 2017: Anupam V Kapil

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope (December 23 – January 19) The zodiac sign of Capricorn is represented by the symbol of ‘The Goat’, more precisely a Sea-Goat. Capricorns are not the ones who seek limelight; rather they make up the audience that admires. They are like the tortoise, which moves slowly and still wins the race. A Capricorn finds it extremely easy to merge into a …

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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope – August 2017: Anupam V Kapil

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope (October 23 – November 21) Scorpio, with the symbol of ‘The Scorpion’, is one of the three water signs of the zodiac. One of the first things that you notice about Scorpios are their eyes; they will be very intense and totally hypnotic. Infact, many people find it very difficult to stand steady under a Scorpio’s constant gaze. His eyes seem …

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Libra Weekly Horoscope – August 2017: Anupam V Kapil

Libra Zodiac Sign

Libra Weekly Horoscope (September 21 – October 22) Libra, The Balance, is the seventh sign of the zodiac. The first and foremost personality trait you will notice about a Libran is his politeness. He loves people and hates to be rude to anyone. However, crowds do not attract him. A Libran is extremely good at solving a quarrel between two people quite amicably. On …

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Virgo Weekly Horoscope – August 2017: Anupam V Kapil

Virgo Zodiac Sign

Virgo Weekly Horoscope (August 22 – September 20) Virgo has the symbol of ‘The Virgin’, but the similarity ends there itself. People born under the zodiac sign of Virgo are very devoted to their families. They are not much talkative and mostly stand away from a crowd. However, they will be noticing even the smallest detail. The typical Virgo personality traits include perfectionism. Everything around …

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Leo Weekly Horoscope – August 2017: Anupam V Kapil

Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo Weekly Horoscope (July 22 – August 21) The zodiac sign of Leo has the symbol of ‘The Lion’ and just like a lion; a Leo believes that he rules everyone else. Don’t tell him he doesn’t, it will break his big, loving, proud heart. Leos can easily go from being vigorously outgoing to plain lazy. If you want to find a Leo, go …

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Gemini Weekly Horoscope – August 2017: Anupam V Kapil

Gemini Zodiac Sign

Gemini Weekly Horoscope (May 20 – June 20) Dual-natured, elusive, complex temperament and contradictory are terms that best describe a Gemini. Just like the sign of twins, a Gemini is capable of producing the virtue of versatility and the vices of two-facedness and flightiness at the same time. He can never ever be boring as he loves communicating and gossiping. His …

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