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Githa Hariharan (born 1954) is an Indian author and editor based in New Delhi. Her first novel, The Thousand Faces of Night, won the Commonwealth Writers' Prize in 1993. Hariharan was born in Coimbatore and grew up in Bombay and Manila. She obtained a BA (in English) from Bombay University and a MA (in Communications) from Fairfield University. Hariharan first worked in the Public Broadcasting System in New York and then with a publishing firm as an editor in India. She currently works as a freelance editor.

Rishab’s Rama: Short story by Githa Hariharan

Rishab's Rama: Short story by Githa Hariharan

Rishab pushed open the door of his house and ran in. His bag flew from his back on to a nail on the wall. “First time!” he shouted gleefully. He had been practicing for months, and now the bag had flown to its right place almost on its own, as if it had a pair of wings. “Is that you, …

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