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Weekly Tarot Predictions

Weekly Tarot Predictions by Poonam Sethi

Weekly Tarot Predictions by Poonam Sethi – April 21 – 27, 2017


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  1. Hi, this weeks tarot reading has not been done??

  2. Hi Poonam, Can you share 2016 forecast ?

  3. i want to know who has spolied my 6 years please tell me

  4. The considering is that once you mix the that means of the cards
    along with your private interpretation of the symbols, you’ll more readily arrive on the appropriate answer
    to your dilemma.

  5. Why do I get this pain in love!

  6. When will Scorpions fate be change. It’s been no good news since long specially in the matters of heart.

    • Good Afternoon Poonam Ji, I am facing a problem since 10 years, that is I never complete my plans & tasks/work. I always feel demotivated in middle of the task. Please tell me why is this happening from long time. My D.O.B. is 24 Nov. 1987.


  7. Hi Poonam,

    I am a reader of your weekly predictions and most of them have come true for me as a Cancerian. Please let me know why is it not published from last 2 weeks. I am so upset.

  8. Mam! Plz don’t skip the weekly predictions as we wait for it to happen. Plz don’t make it every alternate week but keep it same as every week.

  9. Poonam ji, your predictions published in TOI are based on Sun or Moon? Because many times your predictions are suited for both signs. Please advise.

  10. Poonam Ji Namaste
    You have not updated tarot card prediction for this week?
    Kindly update here, I am a regular reader.

  11. Where is the latest Prediction from Dec 09 to Dec 16 2016

  12. Where is the latest Prediction from Dec 17 to Dec 23

  13. Why not publishing latest predictions from Sethi mam?

  14. Hi Mam,

    Happy New Year! Our new year is not good but as didn’t see you’re weekly forecast even on last Friday as well.No weekly no yearly predictions which we wait eagerly. We wait for your post why have you started skipping weekly tarot broadcast. Does this mean you have stopped thinking about your followers.

  15. Mataji, I am Cancerian and having lots of problems with my wife who complains to her parents with lies from past two. She left me alone over here in London and went off to India. Please suggest why this is happening. She is a Gemini.

  16. Why no updates for March 3rd to 9th ?

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