The Gocart

The Gocart
The Gocart

The Gocart

Whilst on the subject of working with wood, here is another very useful article to make, the gocart. This is a self propelling car, made of old pieces of wood and a couple of pairs of pram wheels. You will also need a few nails, bolts and screws for fastening, and some paint for making the chariot really presentable. Make the base first of all, this can be made to any size to suit, but we will base our carriage on average lines. Use I in. thick wood so that it is strong and will not let you down whilst you are going at speed. Make the car 3 ft. long and I5 in. wide at the seat, tapering to 9 in. at the front. The sides of the car should be 9 in. deep and rounded off at the front, as illustrated.

Obtain two pairs of old pram wheels, of different sizes, if possible, and use the smaller pair for the front. To fasten the larger pair of wheels, put a strengthening piece across the base where shown, and screw this into position. Then assemble the axle of the pram wheels by means of two staples placed round the axle and into the extra piece of wood.

The front wheels should be fixed on to a piece of strengthening wood, as illustrated, held into position with staples. A hole is drilled through this wood and also the wood of the car, at the point A, and ¾ in. bolt with washers, is threaded through this and secured underneath with a nut, or rather two nuts, for extra strength. Tie a piece of fairly thick rope to the exposed part of the axle and hold this in the hands for guiding the car.

When you have put the car together, go all over the surface with sandpaper and make it smooth. Now paint the gocart to give it finish. The body should be a brilliant red, the wheels white and the inside of the car an attractive grey so that it will not show too many footmarks. Put a little cushion in the car and sit down and hold the guiding ropes and off you go down the hill.

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