Kite Making

Kite Making
Kite Making

Kite Making

The pastime of flying kite is very, very old and its origin is lost far back in the past. Boys have been flying kites of all kinds and shapes and patterns but basically the method of flying kite is same.

The simplest form of kite is the crossbar type. Try making this first of all and then you will get the idea of constructiong the more elobrate patterns. you will need two pieces of 1/4 inch wood about 1 inch wide. use the lightest kind you can find. Cut one piece 5 ft. long and other 3 ft. 6 inch. Place the short piece across the longer one and fasten with three or four screws.

Now cut a piece of calico (musslin) or similar material and lay this over the crossed wood and fasten at the points shown in the diagram. Bind this material by sewing cord along the outside edges to keep the kite quite taut in the wind and also to save damage to the material. Put a screw eye on the long strip of wood, about 4 or 5 inches from the top, so that you can thread the holding string. this is also shown in the diagram.

The tail is made from a length of the string, with a number of twisted pieces of colored paper or rags, spaced at 3 inches interval. Your kite is now ready for flying and should be launched in the air, against the wind – and up she will go!

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